Topaz's summer news

If beauty - the concept of the eternal, the fashion - a changing and dynamic. Staying on the "crest" of stylish new products is difficult, but Kostroma jewelry factory TOPAZ copes with this task. Proof of this - new collection of ornaments that we provide for you. 

Bright summer mood successfully created with the warm gleam of red and gold highlighting the beauty of the diamond edge glare. For example, a new collection of jewelry made of gold with a diamond face Plastics will please fans of exciting fantasy forms and flowing lines. 
Jewellery Plastic


Another novelty, a collection of diamond-face Weightlessness boasts a maximum availability to the customer. Its name speaks for itself - when you create it, we tried to minimize the mass to make beautiful jewelry affordable
Jewellery Weightlessness


Jewelry with cubic Zirkonia available and always in demand among buyers.
A distinctive feature of the new products updated collection of Golden Ribbon is an original artistic solution based on intertwined flowery "gold" ribbons. Executed in a classical style, characterized by the plastic jewelry lines, complemented by cubic Zirkonia track circuit products.
Jewelry Gold Ribbon


Following the passage of time and not stopping there, we have updated the collection of Elegant. Lightweight, thin and elegant track with cubic Zirkonia elegantly combines izgibistymi lines, zigzags, they are in a circle, creating a low-key but stylish jewelry.
Jewelry Elegant


We allow ourselves stylish experiments. Inspired by the culture and the visual arts of different peoples of the world, we created a collection of gold jewelry with cubic Zirkonia Ethno. It seems that if the jewelry disappeared from the pages of art encyclopaedias to enhance the beauty and style of modern women.
Jewelry Ethno  


In creating jewelry, we do not forget about the creeds. So complete your collection of jewelry religious theme The Holy Gift crosses made of red gold with diamond face Faro.
Several crosses Faro 


Gold jewelry with pearls appear in a new, extravagant with a collection of Fantasia. Mysterious and unusual, jewelry birth associations with hidden value. Inmates in the geometric shape pearls - a bold decision that surely will not remain without attention of others.
Several pieces Fantasia


From fashion experiments - the eternal classics. Tested by many generations of beauty formula semiprecious stones set in gold was confirmed in a new collection of Solo. Nothing extra, just the beauty of gentle bends in the metal, the warm glow of gold and bright, crumbling into millions of bright reflections, semi-precious stone.
Several pieces Solo


The bright feature that attracts attention, and its complement, not allowing to look away ... Please add shimmer fairly large semi-precious stones glare of diamonds, we decided in the new collection, Focus. Striving for perfection of form and content, surprisingly handed in jewels.
Several pieces Accent 


Vivid emerald green, bright ruby red, pale blue sapphire show all facets of its splendor in the frame of the classical features of precious metal jewelry collection Sonata. Innovative tack allows you to see the beauty of the gem, and allows rays to play on its sides, creating a fascinating picture.
Several pieces Sonata


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